Comodo Dragon v102.0.5005.61 32&64-bit are now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v102.0.5005.61 32&64-bit are now available.

New Features:

Updated to Chromium v102 codebase

Known bugs:

1. After installation a shortcut isn't created on the [b]taskbar [/b]on [b]Windows 10[/b]
2. [b]Chrome Sync[/b] not working

Comodo Dragon v102


Live Update URL:


md5: 17536AA1C8BC203B3A5E728F0C1BE622
SHA1: A83633688E920FF4C08C896EC0F9B3B8B18E5390
SHA-256: BD74EB07DEF1F8F60785D9768A637418B945F7DF27096ACBDD4F574DA5D2ECA5


Live Update URL:


md5: 0BB59F164F768CF07DD36F2821F1B9B0
SHA1: 7193602901E9698B1BB5925A9A7AF08BE023FDF0
SHA-256: CCC16439FE282CA624C8AE8C2F9B2155FCDDC4978A49F380755181EC6AB39118

The update will be pushed out to existing users within the next few hours.
Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

Not sure why topic was locked. Looking forward to trying out latest version.

The reporter has made the following comment: I cannot comment, Why?

The The Comodo Forum Team.

Only staff can answer that. Probably a mistake like clicking on the wrong thing or something :-\

Installed as portable on my desktop. Known bugs which reported before still there. Untranslated strings still there.

Seems just core update. Deleted Dragon from desktop.

Thanks for the new release

Hello All,

We apologize for the occurred situation.

We are aware of the problems with the notifications since the post was reported.

Thank you for your patience.

Least you are aware of the bug as I defo don’t moderate the forum!

and don’t want to either?


My god, got the email, been 15 years since I been here, least use the AV software.

been 15 years since I been here
lol, welcome back :■■■■

Thanks for the new release.

I guess I could report this. But why do I get this email?

A bit weird that they got my email associated with Comodo forum. But also weird to find that a post about a new version of Comodo is been posted by a “Guest”

Hi American2020,

We are sorry for the incovenience.

The user has been deleted and that is why it appears as guest now.

Thank you.

Are “davi.dragon” and the “vasi.dragon” same person ?

The issue has been fixed and you should ignore/delete the email that you received.

Thank you for your understanding.