Comodo Dragon - "This webpage is not available"

I have a little problem with my CD browser, and I would appreciete if there was someone to provide me any advice.

Repeatedly, the CD browser (it does not matter if it is sandboxed or not) stops working for some time (usually several minutes) and I get a “This webpage is not available” notice for every webpage. In other browsers (Firefox, MS Edge), the webpages are normally shown. After some time (maximum about one hour), it starts working again. These failures usually occur approximately once per day.

I tried to find a solution here: Comodo Dragon Web Browser - Display Problems In Comodo Dragon | Web Browser
However, nothing helped. The antivirus control did not detect any malware and my firewall allows CD. Nor deleting cookies helped. I also tried to adjust my Proxy settings as recommended, but with no success.

Does any of you here have any experience with such a problem? Could you please suggest me any solution?

Thank you very much.