comodo dragon showing https error in tabs

comodo dragon Version 79.0.3945.79
windows 10 insider
see video in comodo dragon showing https error - YouTube

Hello, liosant. The problem still occurs? It might have something to do with the flags you enabled from “chrome://flags”.

Yes occur, It does not imply lack of security, just erroneous display of tabbed security level

Hello again. Unfortunatelly, I can’t reproduce the bug. Could you give us a more detailed information about how the bug happens and in more detail the consequences of the bug? It started happening after the last update/ after you installed an extension/ changed some flags? Could you try installing a clean, fresh version on the dragon to see if the bug still occurs?

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error or bug repeats with clean installation comodo dragon

So I understand that the problem is that the green background colour for https websites does not appear everytime when you open a site, right?

Yes, open more one , two… sites in newtab color https not appear correct

Ok, liosant. Thank you for reporting this. We forwarded this issue to the developers team.

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