Comodo Dragon says Adobe Flash Player is out of date

Since the latest update to Comodo Dragon June 10, My Flash Player will not work when trying to watch items on Facebook. There is a warning at the top left saying the player is out of date. I update it and it still will not work and the warning does not go away. If I use Google Chrome, the player works. What is going on?
Ed Z

It warns you to use PPAPI Flash instead of NPAPI Flash :wink:
Uninstall your current flash player…
Please download and install PPAPI Flash player here, the alert will be gone :-TU

Now I have Flash Player Version PPAPI and I still get “Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date”. There is an option to “Run This Time” and it will not run. Flash Player still works in my Google Chrome and Fire Fox. Now my laptop does the same thing when Comodo Dragon was updated today. So both of my Computers will not run Flash Player in Comodo Dragon with the latest updates. What is the next step?

Hi Ed Z,
Can you please check your Flash version at one of the following sites?

Have you previously added a command line switch to your shortcuts properties?


The link you gave me says I have Version 11.1.31 and I have not done anything with the command line. I still get the same message that The Flash Player is out of date. Works Okay in Google Chrome, but will not work in Comodo Dragon since the upgrade to What else can I do?

Hi Ed Z,
Open Dragon’s plugins, and near the top right corner expand the details.

How many Flash player plugins do you see?
If you see both NPAPI and PPAPI, please disable the NPAPI plugin.


The plug-in shows just one Adobe Flash Player Version (PPAPI). I checked my Google Chrome and it has one Flash Player Version and it works just fine on Google Chrome. Why does my version 11 not change to version 18 when I am updating to version 18? I have Windows 7 Ultimate and the control panel uninstall just shows one Adobe Flash Player Version How do I get rid of version 11 since version 18 is not updating version 11 or is Comodo Dragon using Version 11? Thanks in advance for your help. Ed Z

Flash Player Help / Uninstall Flash Player | Windows

Hi Ed Z,
The Flash plugin is integrated into Chrome, where as Dragon is reliant on a system installed plugin.

Under the update tab in the Flash Player Settings Manager found in Windows Control Panel, what do you see? (Screenshot)
If this shows (PPAPI), please use the uninstall tool kindly suggested by JoWa and re-install the current version for Opera and Chromium from the link below.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Finally got Flash Player Working. The uninstall did not remove that version 11. I found this line below the Adobe Flash Player version “C:\Users\i7Ed\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll”. It did not make sense to me, so I removed the PepperFlash folder and that allowed me to get the latest Flash Player installed and working. So what the hell is “PepperFlash” and how did that get in with the last update to Comodo Dragon? Thanks every one for your help. You all gave me good links and information that helped me. Ed Z

This is from Adobe.
I have Chrome also installed and removed pepperFlash folder from CD.
I was forced to reboot…no browser would work at all. Rebooted and everything is okay (I think).
Adobe says that the new version of FlashPlayer 18 is installed but DISABLED, and to use the integrated Chrome version.
I guess CD is piggybacking on that version.
Thanks for the help. YOU ID’ed THE PROBLEMComodo help just blew me off.
I think the new version of CD thinks it’s still Google Chrome.

How is the integrated version of Flash Player that comes with Google Chrome different from the separately installed plug-in?

All versions of Flash Player, regardless of browser, enable the same great experience of a range of applications and content on the Web. With Flash Player integrated into Google Chrome, users no longer have to install Flash Player separately, providing a seamless experience of the Web. The Chrome browser automatically updates the built-in Flash Player to protect users with the latest security updates.

If the built-in Flash Player in Chrome is disabled, Chrome uses the downloaded plug-in version of Flash Player if it is installed on the user’s system.

If multiple Flash Player plug-ins are enabled, Chrome uses the integrated Flash Player.

Unless you are a developer that requires a debug or pre-release version of Flash Player, Adobe recommends that Chrome users use Flash Player integrated with their browser.

Note: The integrated Flash Player in Chrome has a different filename than the system plug-in. When you enable or disable plug-ins, ensure that you have identified the correct plug-in.

Platform Integrated Plug-in System Plug-in
Windows pepflashplayer.dll NPSWF32.dll
Mac OS PepperFlashPlayer.plugin Flash Player.plugin

Thank you ed, that showed me where to look to fix my flash player issue.
i ended up deleting pepperflash and component folders and that allowed me to
get flash player working.

i did uninstall comodo dragon out of frustration but after reading a few post
here on the forums i thought i give it another go and got it working.

i use windows vista.