Comodo Dragon Release Candidate Version 55.0.2883.58.

Hi All,

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of Comodo Dragon Release Candidate Version 55.0.2883.58. This beta version of Comodo Dragon 55 Release Candidate can be downloaded from:
MD5 checksum: 9FAB8E647FD854C53B13EB13D142CCD3

This version is for testing which isn’t intended for mass distribution and is just a preview which should not be run on production systems.

Release notes for this version:

New features from the Dragon 55 Beta:

  • Import from Chrome
  • Virtual mode
    fixes from the beta
  • pages are not loading in some cases (disable HTTP referrer)
  • improved EV certificate notification
  • defect with clear at exit
  • UI fixes

All feedback in welcomed.


The Comodo Browser Team.

I installed this version over the previous BETA…
and the Upgrade changed my hompage…

Please keep our settings after new upgrade…it is annoying.
I am still waiting for an option to block location completely. I already told it on previous BETA. FYI.

Wright can’t add new features during a release cycle, they’ll be considered the following unplanned releases.

QA are lookino into the settings override issue.