Comodo Dragon Reinstallation Issues

I am running windows 8.

Recently, I have had many issues with Comodo Dragon (CD), (and a couple with CIS 6 dealt with elsewhere) which is very unusual.

The first is where I close down CD and then next time I go to use it, it has miraculously disappeared. Icon gone blank - dragon.exe file missing from program files directory. Re-installing works most times. I am thinking I may be interrupting an update, but this has never happened before.

Second problem leads from this. Twice in recent weeks, CD will not allow itself to be re-installed. Says its already installed and should be removed from the control Panel/Programs list.

Unfortunately its not in the programs list, nor in the program folders. Have cleared out all CD folders (program data, appdata etc) to no avail. Although I hate registry cleaners, I had a go at using ccleaner to try to see if it would remove the offending registry entries - no good either. Removed main CD registry entry’s manually - no good (and eventually stuffed up CIS 6 and Win8, leading to the need for a refresh, the second in a month - the first related to driver issues - nothing to do with Comodo :slight_smile:

I have just done the second refresh and now I am getting a “CD cannot sync with your profile” error, which was not fixed by uninstalling and re-installing and I am hoping will not lead to complete refresh no 3.

At least re-installing Win8 is much easier that 7, Vista XP etc.

By the way, I love comodo products, so please take the above as constructive exploration not criticism.

PS - I work in part time in IT and have done so for may years, so I do have some Idea as to what I am doing.




Please add all the details indicated in this bug reporting guide.

How often does this issue occur?
Can you upload the “dragon_updater” log files from %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder so we can investigate the issue further?

Also, please check that no Dragon files are blocked by any security software that you have installed. Check “Unrecognized Files” and “Blocked files” lists in CIS.

Thank you.


I’ve had the same exact problem as the OP, and I was wondering if there was a fix to it before I re install Windows itself. I can upload the updater files if you need.

Thank you.

I kept getting “Your preferences cannot be read” from the new Comodo Dragon on my limited account. I tried every known fix for Chrome that was on the internet, and no dice. I finally loaded the portable version of Dragon on my 2nd hard drive. and that is working. But I’m not positive all the temp files are being cleaned each time I exit; although I have it set that way. I preferred using it as an installation so CCleaner could cleanup any temp files.

I installed it on Vista Ultimate x64 bit. I can’t think of anything interfering with it, although I did have to set an allow in Avast for dragon.exe, and the installation file when it updated. I had never seen Avast react like that before. I must admit - I didn’t try completely disabling Avast while opening Dragon, but it doesn’t have a problem on the administrator account, so I doubt that is the problem, unless some unknown process of the browser is being blocked by Avast on purely standard accounts. That doesn’t make sense to me, but who am I?