Comodo Dragon ram question

hey all a quick question in the latest version of CD i have noticed after using it for a little while it starts using more and more ram never noticed it before in any other versions.

Hi ShippD,
Later versions do appear to be getting more optimised to use available resources, the more you have the more it will use.
Depending on the amount you have and the increase your seeing this might be all that is happening.

Well seems to be using to much slows the rest of my computer down running on 2 gb ram windows 7 32 bit firefox was using lots also and then i switched to CD and was very nice to see a browser not using was to much ram but now seems to be more than ever.

This could be an extension or plugin issue, you could have a look at Dragons task manager in the tools section of Dragons menu and see if any particular tab, extension or plug-in is using excessive amounts of memory.
This could help narrow down the cause.

Also I would try wiping all the history in dragon, it may help. To do that, go to History > Edit Item’s > Clear all browsing data. Set it to the beginning of time and select everything… then clear everything :).

Thanks guys that helped immenslely…guess i need to start a new post to ask another question?

Hi ShippD,
Glad something helped you out?
If your other question has no relevance to this issue, it would be best to start a new topic in the hope to increase the chances of helpful replies.
Kind regards.