Comodo Dragon Questions


I have any Questions about comodo dragon

  1. Is comodo dragon better than opera?

  2. Need i Flash for it?

It’s all down to personal preference. Opera users will likely tell you Opera is better, just as Firefox users would tell you Firefox is better.

The question is probably better worded: Do I like Dragon better than Opera? :wink:

Only if you wish to view Flash content.

Thank you very much.

Can i Import from Opera to comodo dragon

I don’t know, I don’t use either browser. :slight_smile:

You can export the bookmarks to an HMTL file, which both browsers support and Dragon will import.
If you use XMarks, you can simply use the extension and it synchronizes with all-supported browsers, it supports many of the popular ones.

LastPass can synchronize all the passwords, same aspect as XMarks.

Thank you very much for your all Infos about it