Comodo Dragon Progress


Just checking if there is any news / progress on CD (be it new features, updates, etc). Been a while (well, over a month) since the alpha release. How’s it shaping up? Would use it more if it wasn’t for the forward/backward button bug. Looking forward to the next release.


Hi graham1,

from what i’ve heard there will be a new version soon. It will have bug fixes and new features, perhaps also a better GUI. Not sure when they’re going to release it…


Hi Guys,

The next release is planned for Tuesday 12th Jan.


Well, Happy Birthday to me!!! :-TU :-TU

Great!!! Looking forward to next tuesday and if I forget, Happy Birthday Panic for next tuesday ;D.

I take it this will be a beta? Any new features you care to share :).


Alright Shane!!


Oh and happy Birthday Panic.

I can’t wait, and thanks for the info. CD ver has been working fine for me on three systems. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :-TU

Hope I can use it than and see buttons and images. (:CLP)

and happy Birthday Panic.

Tuesday will be quite the special day. :slight_smile: I look forward to the update…and to wish Panic a happy b’day.

Its tueday guys.
Hoping that CD will be good.
happy birthday panic.

Tuesday here as well. Gimme, gimme gimme! :smiley:

Monday here still ;D

Today is Tuesday.

Where is the update?

Happy Birthday Panic


Happy Birthday Panic

it looks like everyone will be busy today with CIS v.4 beta + CD and lets not forget its patch tuesday ;D

Patiently waiting :smiley:

And happy birthday panic :■■■■

Woi! :smiley: happy bday, Panic! And wh-- there it is! snags Dragon update

H…A…P…P…Y… B…I…R…T… :)H…D…A…Y