Comodo Dragon Portable failed to update

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit);
CD Version: (portable)
Installation dir: D:\Program Files\Comodo
Portable version was failed to update - File not signed.

I downloaded an installer from the comodo website.
After the fresh installation I recived a message: “Whoa! Comodo Dragon has crashed. Relaunch now?”
In %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder\dragon_setup.log I saw the following:

[2013-11-12 23:00:28|8916|INFO] command line: "D:\Downloads\DragonSetup.exe"  --delegate-launch="C:\Users\aya\AppData\Local\Temp\dragon_path"
[2013-11-12 23:00:28|8916|INFO] setup version:
[2013-11-12 23:00:28|8916|INFO] branding: default
[2013-11-12 23:00:28|8916|INFO] admin: yes
[2013-11-12 23:00:28|8916|INFO] temp folder: C:\Users\aya\AppData\Local\Temp\nskEAF3.tmp
[2013-11-12 23:00:29|8916|INFO] install mode: Fresh install
[2013-11-12 23:00:58|8916|INFO] Installing...
[2013-11-12 23:00:58|8916|INFO] install dir: d:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon
[2013-11-12 23:01:04|8916|WARNING] Failed to create directory C:\\first_launch_portable
[2013-11-12 23:01:04|8916|INFO] execute d:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe --disable-secure-dns
[2013-11-12 23:01:15|8916|INFO] Installation succeeded
[2013-11-12 23:01:15|8916|INFO] Quit, exit code is 0

But according to my further investigation the root cause is in Preferences file in D:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default
When I moved it, the browser has successfully launched. But I lost all my Extentions and so on.

I perform a new clean installation of Dragon and tried to synchronize all extensions, bookmarks, history, etc with my account. Extensions are not synchronized.
Google Chrome is synchronized correctly.

Hi yura_a,
There are some synchronize issues with this release, and some update issues have also been reported although inconsistent as it is only affecting some systems.

Kind regards.

Ok. I’ll be waiting.
BTW, are the problems with my Preferences file in D:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default connected with synchronize issue? Why my old Preferences file prevent me from successfully launching CD?


There are some restrictions related to installing the portable version in the “Program Files” folder. I’ll list the reasons leading to similar behaviors from Dragon portable when installed in Program Files.

  1. The portable version keeps its user profile information in its install folder.
  2. The “Program Files” location is normally secured by UAC (when UAC is enabled) and requires administrator rights for access.
  3. When you launch Dragon (as user) it will try to access the user profile in its install location. If the install location is Program Files (and you have UAC enabled) it will cause the browser to crash because it requires administrator rights to access the location and load the user profile.

You can prevent this from happening by running Dragon as administrator (NOT recommended) or by moving the portable installation to a location that is not restricted by UAC.

Please try moving the browser to a location that is not restricted by UAC and see if the issue reproduces. Let us know if this solves the issue.


This folder is NOT protected by UAC (in my system). So, I don’t think that is the security related issue. I use CD almost three years and all this time the CD was installed in this directory and I have never experienced problems before the new version was installed.

Same here.
I use portable version also on one of our machines and had no issues updating until latest version.


I ran a few tests and I have a few answers, though not all of them are elucidating.

This looks like a common issue with this release. The file signature passed all checks and the issue seems to occur only when it is downloaded from a server. I’ve traced it to an issue where files downloaded from the internet fail the signature check in IE (Dragon uses the same method of validating file signatures).
It’s not easy to test since it has a relative reproduction rate of 1 in 50 on our systems.

I’ve managed to reproduce this issue by mapping “Program Files (x86)” to a different drive, which seems to be the case on your system (please correct me if I’m wrong). It doesn’t look like the functionality is affected though, the “first_launch” file and folder are created and deleted normally. We’ll investigate why the application logs a warning message and hopefully get some insight on other related scenarios.

This issue didn’t reproduce at all. It looks like the user profile got corrupted during installation. Also, there seems to be no connection between the warning message in the log file and this crash.
If you have any details that could hint to the cause please share them (details like: command line parameters that you launch Dragon with, the exact steps you took to install the last version).

Thank you.

I guess the problem was in one of the installed extensions. I dont know which application caused this problem,but it took place on my two computers. Now I use Google Chrome and waiting for the new CD version.