Comodo Dragon Or Comodo Ice Dragon

I just thought I ask this, and I bet many will post their thoughts.

The Question is which is the best overall Browser from Comodo?

Is it Comodo Dragon?

Or is it Comodo Ice dragon.

I thought I put that out there, just to see what you think and what is best to run

Regards all


best is a relative term. Its more about personal preference.

Comodo Dragon for me. It was around for longer so more stable I guess. Faster in general. But that’s my opinion. At the end of the day I agree it comes down to your personal choice.

Dragon, because Chromium is better than Firefox. 8)

Multi-process Architecture is the main reason.

Further enough it is down to personal choice. I Remember having Dragon before it got it’s major updates. And it was stable then.

I have used Ice Dragon when it first came out. But it was OK. But I felt Dragon was better.

Even more since after reading JoWa post.

So I will keep using dragon for now.



Before you you rule out firefox and icedragon look at these links

cheers :■■■■

Further enough Ivan12345 I see your point now. But I’m not fully going with it as yet. But I will look at it again once I fully test out Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 7 then go back and look at the other and work out what is best for me.

That is just my opinion.

Thanks again


I 2nd that :■■■■ :SMLR

It all how you look at it… Hahaha ;D

mmmm OK :BNC