Comodo Dragon Options Wish

An option to set StartupPage/HomePage/NewTabPage to Blank.
Currently Startup & Home can be set to Blank i.e type “about:blank” in the fields. But an option would be good.
Currently no way to set NewTab to Blank. An option would be good.

Hi yessnooo,
You could install the following extension and set your startup page and home page to ‘Open The New Tab Page’.
Startup Page/Home Page/New Tab Page will all open to an empty page.

Kind regards.

I know there are extensions but dont want to use any for this minor change.

Any regedit change?

For now I have installed the extension you have mention. The extension is safe, right?

Hope Dragon Devs add these options.

Hi yessnooo,
I would imagine the new tab page is set in the preferences file or secure preferences file, but I don’t know sorry.
I personally trust the extension.

Another workaround for a blank new tab page is to place an ‘about:blank’ bookmark on the bookmarks bar.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Click the created bookmark will open a blank new tab and switch focus to the new tab.

Kind regards.

Extension is easy & better than the workaround.

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