Comodo Dragon not able to check for new version

I have noticed as of yesterday this notification on the About page. “not able to check for new Version”
I am running Windows 10 and the reported version of Dragon is This may have already existed for some time.
But I know both windows and Chrome on my computer updated.
I have tried disabling Windows firewall and Defender with no change in results.
I logged onto another windows 10 user with admin rights .and had the same results.
I turned auto update to manual and back, no change.
Scanned my computer with Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro.

What are your suggestions on what to try next?
When I get home I will check with Winver.exe to determine my actual windows 10 build.

Thanks in advance,


There must be a problem in update servers…
Comodo Dragon 52 released some days ago. You can download and install it over the current version.

Also we expect a new release of Dragon soon for some fixes.