Comodo Dragon logs me out of my Google accounts each session

I like to watch YouTube videos on my desktop, and I used to use Comodo Dragon for many years until recently.

I don’t have a great memory so I don’t know what I might have done, but a few months ago everytime I opened YouTube or Gmail, I had to log into my accounts every time. This is annoying to a point where I’ve had to start using other less desirable browsers.

I’ve reinstalled CD using windows but it did not fix this issue.

It may be related to my Comodo Dragon profile (the little profile picture icon on the top-right) which used to reflect my Google account, but now shows a generic “Person 1”, I believe I tried making a new profile, but I lost all my history.

Any tips that could help me get back into using CD?

it’s up to comodo providing another way of sync