Comodo Dragon keep crashing

The cause of CD to keep crashing is my extension WxDfast something like that. I already remove this etension but every time I run CD , it keep crashing even if I create new profile. This extension is like auto - install to my CD so how can I fully uninstall this extension from my browser ?

Hi LimPOng,
Is this something you have installed yourself previously?
Or did it install itself?

I installed the extension at firefox but suddenly the extension auto - installed at CD.

Is it listed in Dragons menu, tools, extensions?
If so can you disable or remove it from there?

Edit: If it is not listed under extensions, type dragon://plugins/ into the omnibar then enter and if it is listed there disable it.
Note: Plugins can integrate into various browsers when installed. eg Flash, shockwave etc.

Can’t view dragon://plugins … It keeps crashing even if I already remove the extension from the extension page.

Unless someone comes up with a better idea, I would remove WxDfast from the system altogether to try.
If you can’t remove it from the system, please follow the advice here in case of it being malicious.

I was planning to remove WxDfast from the system but I don’t know how :-\ I’ll try the second method and will provide any feedback later ;D

If it is genuine wxDownload Fast it should be listed in the Control panel Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features).

Actually I already uninstall WxDfast a month ago by deleting their files because I can’t uninstall them normally. Is it because of this?

If it was an installed version, that could be a fairly messy way of removing it.
Only thing at this point that I can suggest is to install using the version you had and hope you can uninstall it correctly.
Download location

Edit: Could you possibly have some other plugin that is calling WxDfast and can’t find it because it has been at least partially removed.
Example here

Do anyone have any other ideas what is happening here? Thanks

I don’t have other DMs plugin other than WxDfast installed in CD . CD seems fine for now after re-installing it & I will give more feedback if there’s someting with the browser :slight_smile:

OK thanks, I hope all keeps working.

CD is now working fine! Thanks captainsticks ;D I really appreciate your help :-TU