Comodo Dragon is failing today: "ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED" is all I'm getting.


I’m posting this message via Internet Explorer (eek!), which really annoys me. I hope someone can help.

This morning, all was well, and I was surfing around as usual on Comodo Dragon. I went out for a few hours, and ever since I came back, it hasn’t been working at all (will not open any web page, and always gives the same error message – “ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED”).

Obviously, Internet Explorer has no problem connecting. My email client is fine as well. The only problem is with Comodo Dragon. I used the “Reset” option, and that didn’t help (was at least able to re-enable my extensions via the “Settings” page, which was a relief, as I had many oft-used sites saved via Speed Dial).

I’ve restarted the computer a couple times, and I’ve even used the System Restore option to set it back a couple days. No luck with anything. I hope someone can help, as I really hate using IE!


Hello willkayakforfood

Open a Command Prompt as Admin and enter these in that order

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

Then restart your PC and that should fix the problem. Good Luck.

Hello sAyer,

Thanks for your help. I followed your instructions, but Comodo Dragon still isn’t cooperating. Exact same problem persists.

One thing that may be an issue: After I entered all the commands (I hit “enter” after each one), it did tell me that I had to restart. There was also still the command prompt box open, ready for another command. It’s been so long since I’ve used the command prompt, I’ve forgotten the proper way to exit the prompt box, so I just left it there, and restarted the computer. Was it my mistake to not properly exit the command prompt box before the restart? If so, could you remind me of the proper exit method?


Hi and welcome willkayakforfood,
It appears Comodo Secure DNS is down.
Until this issue is resolved please disable ‘Malware Domain Filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’, found under privacy in Dragons advanced settings.

Thank you.

Hello captainsticks,

Thank you! That has almost entirely fixed the problem! Here’s the apparent remaining problem: I had to post this reply via IE, because in CD, there’s no “Reply” button showing underneath any of the posts! (none of the other buttons usually seen along there are showing either). Do I still have too many “security” extensions and/or options working against me here? Otherwise, I’m thrilled that the browser is [generally] working again!

Thanks to both you and sAyer for helping me with this! :slight_smile:

Nevermind! My fault. I neglected to “sign in” within CD. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Nice to know it wasn’t just me! I wasn’t looking forward to having to use another browser. Love my dragon :smiley:

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome Rappy78,
Let us hope Comodo resolves the issue soon. :slight_smile:

Kind regards to you both.

worked for me :-TU WHY did it happen tho?

Yes, it’s a great browser, and I’ve been bummed all day until just now. Now I’m a happy camper again! :slight_smile:

Hi Billy Leeds,
I am not sure, but I will contact Comodo and see if I can find out why.

Kind regards.
Edit: I have contacted Staff regarding this issue via PM.
Edit2: The DNS issue appears to be fixed, at my location at least.

Comodo DNS should become more reliable and more redundant, these random outages are frustrating sometimes.

Hi devilbat66,
Do you mean more ‘robust’ in preference to more ‘redundant’?


As in it stops tanking so often, knocking users and clients who depend on the Comodo DNS service offline. That would be nice?
Comodo really needs to step up their game with Comodo DNS and provide more details as to why this service is becomming incresingly unreliable to use or recommend.
Just having it going offline without any backup redundency is not an option in a DNS service.

Reliability issues are going to happen. I’m sure the right people are looking into this to avoid problems in the future.

When DNS issues arise this is always quick and handy to have on hand, and yes it includes Comodo Secure.

[attachment deleted by admin]

That is a nice utility. :slight_smile:
Reliability issues are fine and dandy when they happen here and there, but NOT at the rate that they have been. Were talking about Comodo here. It’s not as if they can’t afford some decent hardware and services to prevent these ridiculous black out outages with ZERO information as to what is going on.
One can only hope things will improve… yet there has been little to no feedback when things are back online other than to say: “It’s back online”. Really? And when is the next random outtage if I may ask?
If you go to the Comodo DNS forum there are tubleweeds blowing by…
Not even a representaive of the forum like a mod, a Comodo Employee or even someone who has a relationship with Comodo has stopped by to comment on the outtages.

Makes me think no one here is interested.
I would like to see some more initiative by Comodo on this issue… some involvement over at the Comodo DNS Forums with a future game plan in place.

How can I recommend this service to clients, family or friends when it keeps tanking?