Comodo Dragon Hides Tabs Logos

After I am forced to restart my Windows 10 1803 system and open Comodo Dragon (Version 77.0.3865.120 (64-bit) after being prompted to restore my tabs, the restored tabs do appear, however the tabs are grey. and I have to hover my cursor over each tab to see what the tab is. See the attached screen shot.

Also, I get continual warnings from my Click&Clean Chrome extension that Comodo Dragon is outdated even though I have auto-update selected.
There is a warning on the About Comodo Dragon page, “Downloaded file is not properly signed” which may be the reason that Comodo Dragon is not updating on my computer. See the attached file.

I used the default installation of Comodo Dragon.

Hello ALL LOVE, for the page to load the logo/img that u need to see in your tab it needs to access the page and it automatically download a small img, or access a png within the page if the browser crashed or was killed instantly you will need to re-open or access again, also if u need all the pages up when u open the browser u can save them from settings / On start-up /Use current pages…see screenshot bellow

The click and clean extension probably gives you that message because it is made for Google Chrome it expects to find same version as Chrome

The update is a problem that i’m curious about, can u tell me in what region,(location , Country) do you leave so i can check the servers, also if you do not have a administrator account or if you access it remote the automatic download will not initiate.
You can switch off the automatic upgrade and see if a pop-up bar shows up informing there is a new version to download