Comodo Dragon: For Kids?

There are many free programs out there you can use for parental control, (K-9 for one) if you are behind a router you can always block sites with the router… I have mine blocking limewire so my daughter cant get on it and download.

Hi intrepid44

Thanks for the suggestion. It seems that K-9 is popular (going by my post here > but would really like Comodo to venture into this area as well.


Pretty good for parental control. Also can block other unwanted sites (infected, malware distribution).

The only problem with K-9 is (from what I’ve heard) it does affect system performance, significantly on some PC’s. I would like to see an integrated solution, maybe that would be lighter, it would be one less program if nothing else.

Watasha, indeed it has some performance impact due to be a complete Internet filter. A program a little bit simpler, would be bypassed easier (probably). If you find another solution, please, post back :slight_smile: