Comodo Dragon: For Kids?

Would you recommend using Dragon for a 12 year old to keep him safe online? We’re new to the internet in our house and I dont want him getting into trouble…

I got my 8 year old on this…

its more difficult for kids to infect the PC by clicking on wrong links on internet, because of the security architecture of Dragon.


I have it on mone and my kids computers, little complaining but they wil get used to using it. :-TU

Thanks, thats good to know… I replied to your other thread for a free licence? Hope you’re still being kind enough to give them away?

At the moment im trying to quiz people about whats the best thing to use… but so far Ive only heard good things about Comodo…

Does Dragon need to be configured for certain website? say youtube for example, or facebook…

Sorry Melih, but Im itching to get Comodo installed on my sons laptop before he gets in from school… anychance I can get the free licence soon? or should I just install a trial for the time being?

What sort of trouble do you hope to keep him out of? There’s no parental controls or content filtering if that is what you’re looking for or are after.

Dragon does make a good addition to any family (Young and Old) as most malware written is for IE and a little Firefox. So little is written for all of the others. Dragon will help with ads or pages that want to auto-download things as Dragon will ask the user if they really want to download the file before actually doing so.

Depending on if the PC was outside of the “family” room, I would lock it down by time (on router) depending on the age and how trustworthy my child was. (and other factors too)

In what respect? I have never configured either site for any browser I have used. (past and present browsers)

Facebook you will get a warning on because they use a Domain Validated certificate (cheapskates).

Sorry, I should have been a little clearer at the beginning… My 12 yr old has just been given a laptop which he is going to use for primarily school work, looking up wikipedia, etc… but he’s also going to be able to use it in his freetime for playing games on facebook and using youtube, etc… I trust him enough not to look at pornsites and that sort of stuff, Im more concerned incase his friends email him suspicicious links, that sort of thing…

Some of my friends have mentioned that some browser settings can inadvertantly block sites from running is it activex? and cookies?

ActiveX is a Microsoft product and not licensed to run on any other browser except the IE based ones. (Thank Heaven as it!)

Yes, Dragon CAN block cookies, but by default it does not.(not for these two sites at least)

In addition to Dragon, if you really want to keep your family safe, then obtain CIS Complete as you will have Firewall/AV/Anti-Malware in one package AND access to our world-class livePCSupport Technicians!

Ive posted already for a key for CIS Complete, just hoping I get one soon… Im not working at the moment and cant really afford to risk paying out for a full security suite…

thats what brought me to this forum in the first place, a friend recommended it… and as you can see by my questions about dragon, im trying to keep my kid safe for free if i can! :slight_smile:

In any case you’d be protected by CIS. Malware won’t get through it, unless you go out of your way to allow it. Comodo Dragon will allow you to download anything, if you click to download.

The only real downside to Comodo Dragon, that I’ve noticed, is that you get warnings when you access sites with Domain Validated certificates and there is no way to ignore this. Thus, for example, every time you go to facebook you’ll have to click allow on the warning screen.

Hopefully they’ll soon be changing this to be more user friendly.

I know what you mean :(. I get this every time I start CD as I’ve set Ixquick as my homepage. Would like to see an override feature (exclude site) to get around this.


also think about changing to the comodo dns servers (free), they also offer extra security too. Switch Now - Change to Comodo Secure DNS Service

If there is one thing I’d like to see Comodo do it would be some sort of parental filter, either on CIS or CD. I’ve got a 10 yr. old sister and it would ease my mind alot. I think Kaspersky has a feature akin to this in KIS if I recall correctly.

yup, I would too, I think even and add on program like norton has, where comodo could integrate a control program so you could have parental mode ( on the same pc or a different one) and then using the comodo DNS servers and a daughter program you could install them on any computer and have control of the computer from anywhere in the world. What the daughter program could do is allow you to remotely adjust the settings, even shut down the computer and keep you from being able to change the dns servers. It could take screen shots, capture e-mails, chats and so forth. You could program access to the internet for specific times per day or max time limit all from the comfort of your pc even if your kid has a laptop. They could even make a web interface with people with smart phone to control the setting when they are away from the parental computer.

Sounds like some sort of spyware to me. Definately nothing I would want on anyone’s computer.

I vote no, unless it simply restricts access to sites. I don’t think Comodo should get into the business of making programs that help someone to spy on someone else.

It can be used for means outside of those for which it was meant for.

It could be made impossible to be stolen and used against other people by making you have to register online and having to provide a phone number so comodo could automatically call you and give you a special pin before you could use the software.


I’ve got a 3 year old (well, on Sunday he’ll be 3) and although he’s not using a computer at the moment, he will be in years to come. I would love Comodo to develop a parental product which could restrict access to certain apps, sites, etc.