Comodo Dragon File Saving Method

Hi Comodo Team,

FYI, my laptop uses Vista Home Prem., x64.

I have been using Firefox happily for a while after IE9 keep refusing to take my Favorites pages and multiple slow-downs and crashes. Well, today the Firefox would not even open up some error which downloading latest and running it as “Upgrade” fixed my problem …

But since this happened, I decided I should have a Dependable Second Choice … so, since I can NOT stand Google and their ■■■■ … I decided on Comodo Dragon and yes I realize CD is based on Chrome …

Here is my Issue and Problem with CD … is there a way that I can SAVE a web page in .mht format … I like the fact of having just one file …

I did see some add-on and I tried the “1 File Thingy” … but the junk does not work.

Q1: Does CD plan to make the option to save in 1 file available soon?

Q2: Do you guys know of a Program, Add-On that it will give me that option? Like unMHT in Firefox.


G! :slight_smile: