Comodo Dragon downloads some file

About same problem. Each time I open Dragon my IDM download with chksum.json and ctrl-06-22-url. Uninstall, Install nothing work.

Hello MUKAN,

Thank you for reporting.We are checking in it.
Have a nice day!

Good ! For now I use Chrome. I will follow the forum closely pending a solution. Thank you.

The problem seems to be gone. I do not know if you have done something or if the problem is gone as it came. Anyway, I’m back with Comodo Dragon. Thank you :slight_smile:

Good for you , I still have that mystery download every time I start Dragon browser…

Hello viktor92k, do you still have this issue?can you send me a print screen or a recording of how it is happening?

There’s not much I can print, IDM program (as MUKAN) tried to download that file every time I opened Dragon, but today early morning a failed May 2020 update of win 10 (…) incredibly and inexplicably solved this issue…

Does reinstalling Internet Download Manager work? It looks like that is interfering. Do you have Comodo Online Security extension installed?

When you reinstalled Dragon did you start with a clean profile?

It is the Comodo Internet Security web filtering data base, form the Comodo Online Security app in the browser

But why the browser tried to dowload it ?

One of the files that gets downloaded is a zip archive. I could imagine IDM has been set to be the download manager for zip archives. May be a recent update of IDM changed this?

It is a browser application it downloads it’s content thru the browsers itself