Comodo Dragon don't block malicious websites

Does Comodo Dragon block malicious websites differently than Google Chrome ? is the Site inspector list of malicious websites same as maintained by Google chrome bcos when i try to open a malicious websites only Google Chrome’s default notification appears but when i continue anyway neither Comodo Dragon nor CIS does anything or notify . . . . . . . .

you shouldnt be stupid enough to be going to malicious websites deliberately just to test the software. >:-D
regards >:-D

i’m sure he knows the risk and is probably taking precautions. you shouldn’t make unhelpful post.

my understanding is that dragon uses both google’s list and their own list from comodo secure dns. these list are separate from each other and have no communication with each other. they may have some sites in common but google’s list isn’t incorporated into comodo’s list. if you do go to a site that they both have in common then you may see 2 alerts but i’m not sure which will show first, google or comodo