Comodo Dragon does not speak in Google Translator?

In the google page translator speaks the option to not appear in the browser Comodo Dragon. Why?

same problem @ me! Browser-Version CD 33.1.xx - in older Version translation was o.k.!?

Translation in Crome Browser-Vers. 35 = i.O. / no problem!?

Hardy / Stuttgart / Germany

Hi lucianoobom,
The quote below posted by Staff should shed some light on why the ‘listen’ option is missing.

Kind regards.

Hi Hardy72,
I think there has been some confusion, the opening poster was talking about the ‘listen’ option in Google translate is missing. (Screenshot)

I presume you are talking about the inbuilt translator function is failing.
Please see the topic below, which also has some workarounds using extensions.
[merged topic]Translating with the built-in translator is not working

Kind regards.

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