Comodo Dragon Crashes on VistaSP2 Ultimate Ed


I have recently installed the latest version of Comodo Dragon,but it frequently kept crashing when i was trying to open sites.The sites that i was trying to open are mostly related to Microsoft,i kept getting a warning indicating that a missing plugin needs to be installed when i clicked the link nothing used to happen.

Steps taken to reduce the crashes
Run CD as administrator

Did not work

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.Open dragon and type the following in the search bar of browser window
Describe how a browser-based Form POST becomes a Server-Side event like Button1_OnClick
2.choose the first 3 results open in new tab each.
3.A crash is reported by the OS.

There were other sites also in the group which i do not remember exactly but one was face book.


We’ll fix this problem in the next releases.

Thanks for support!