Comodo dragon constant cpu usage

I had Dragon v12 or so installed and I had about 20 tabs opened in split in two windows. I also had Firefox 3.6 installed and i had another 25 tabs opened split over 4 windows. My laptop was perfectly happy with this scenario.

Earlier today, I updated Dragon to the latest, v16. My laptop is struggling now. Running Dragon re-opened all of my previous tabs. This pushed my cpu to 100% and it didn’t seem to want to come down. I bookmarked and closed some of my tabs. I also did what was suggested to bring down RAM usage. This one step brought the Browser RAM from about 150MB down to the current 67MB. CPU usage for the browser was constantly at about 25 and now it is averaging about 13% even when I’m not doing anything . All of the tabs seem to be pulling 1 or 2% every now and then with some occasionally spiking up to 35% briefly. This is still while I’m not doing anything after the tabs have been loaded.

When I go and click something in one of the tabs, CPU will spike to 100 and the system is slow again until it’s finish doing what it is doing. Is there any way I can go back to an older version of Dragon?

Hi btt,
You can get older versions here.

This does sound like a possible bug in this latest version reacting with something specific in some systems.
If you consider doing a bug report please follow the report guidelines found here giving as much detail as possible to increase the chances of a fix for the problem.
Bug reports here.
Thanks from Captainsticks.