Comodo Dragon can't be downloaded.

I have been trying to download dragonsetup.exe today. The download fails at 39MB or 72%. I have tried from the main Comodo site and Filehippo, Softpedia, CNET. I have used Firefox and IE. I tried from my default location (London) and from a VPN server in Paris. I tried downloading to different local folders.

Avast AntiVirus is Auto-Blocking & Deleting the Dragon_Setup.exe the second it spots it & I can only assume it’s down to high levels of complaints by users. I HAVE Reported these as ‘False-Positives’ & that COMODO is SAFE ! PLEASE STOP bundling Home-Page Hi-Jackers etc ‘‘Pre-Ticked’’ into your Installers under the guise of ‘‘I want to help COMODO’’ - the truth is it’s NOT helping you - it’s HURTING YOU !!!

Cheers for Now

[/font]- Mike -

First up Dragons installer does not attempt to hijack or even change anyone’s homepage, it does however initially (Initial install) set a default homepage as with most browsers which is easily changeable from the homepage settings.
I am not sure what user complaints you are talking about.
Thanks for reporting the FPs to Avast, let us hope they correct them.