Comodo Dragon browser DEAD for Windows 10?

After the recent update for Windows 10, comodo dragon has stop working. Every time when I open Comodo it is active for a few seconds and then it shotdown it self.
-Reinstalled Comodo Dragon
-Updated Comodo Antivirus.
-Cleaned register and installed again Comodo Dragon.

Nothing has helped… On Windows 7/8.1 Everything works fine.

Does this issue will be fixed in some update for This browser?

Which version of Comodo Dragon are you running?


I think the newest…
I have downloaded from the Comodo site…

Just fixed the problem…

The main problem was Comodo Antivirus… If anyone has the same issue, do the following things.

-Open Comodo Internet Security —>Advanced Settings —> Advanced Protection —> Miscellaneous.
-Click “Exclusions”
-Click Add > Files > browse and select “Dragon.exe”.
-Click “Ok > Ok”.

and Comodo Dragon should work now, without any problems.

Funny that… Comodo is blocking it’s on own product…

Sounds like interference from another security software that is injecting into dragon to make use of hooking and is causing issues with CIS when it also tries to inject into dragon for its hooks and thus causing dragon to crash. I have no issue with dragon on Windows 10. Can you provide exact Windows build and installed version of comodo AV?

OS Build: 15063.540
Comodo AV: Comodo Security Premium 10

I don’t have any other AV installed only Comodo. The default Windows AV (Windows Defender) is disabled.