Comodo Dragon Browser - Bugs

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum but want to report to Comodo about the latest browser that need to iron the bugs out.

As you know I play BF3 online with this browser for BF3 battlelog but I cannot see the pop out menu as it worked in the previous version of browser. I really need pop out menu things when I clicked, it didn’t pop out.

Can you please fix the bugs?

I love Comondo Dragon Browser, much better than IE and Firefox.

Thanks, guys.

Hi and welcome dnguyen,
I will move this to the Dragon Help section for now.

Do you need to sign into BF to see this issue?
I am sorry I do not play the game myself.

It’s Origin that has BF3 installed and click the game to launch the browser. There are tabs where I clicked multiplayer but it doesn’t show the pop out menu thing. That’s why I reported to Comondo for bugs.

It worked before but it got updated to the new version of browser.

Thanks for moving to the right section.