Comodo Dragon beta Wishlist

Please post here your wishes


A sidebar option, for bookmarks.

I got some interesting ones.

→ Strategically place a hidden Easter Egg somewhere in Comodo Dragon.

→ Add link to Comodo Forum in the Tool menu or near the Help.

I wish that CD installer will be optimized from 19.8 Mb to <10

There should be an option to change browser ID…you know…firefox, opera…etc…


How about CD being able to detect and report which plugins are vulnerable (for example, Adobe products 88)). Similar to Secunia PSI’s browser section.


What I would like to see is a magic wand that stores passwords encrypted. When you go to a page with a known password the place to fill lights up and with a click on the wand you go inside.

An IE tab.


OSX Support… please…

A menu bar like
“file” “edit” “view” “history” and so on

I thought it was kind of annoying looking at the chrome setup. maybe an option like clicking on 1 of the setting will make the menu bar appear

Agreed, I like the look and feel of firefox, but I would like to use CD. An optional menu bar would be a great addition.

+1 :-TU

Changes to the UI:

  • See like how Opera 10.50 beta and Firefox 4.0 mockups.


  1. Clicking links in Favorites opens a new tab instead of replacing the current one (I frequently run multiple tabs especially when doing comparisons).
  2. The option to install plugins, both toolbar and enhancement plugins i.e. IEPro plugin, google searchbar plugin (I use the additional options), printer options toolbar plugin (if your printer offers one as mine does).
  3. The option to change the Home page.
  4. Favorites - like displaying a folder’s contents in Windows Explorer, folders should be listed first, then individual page links.


I’m using CD 1.0.05 and I am able to change the homepage. The option to do this is under the “wrench”/Tools Menu and then selecting “Options”. From here it’s listed as under the “Basics” tab.

Or did you mean the ability to have multiple pages/tabs open as your homepage like Firefox and Opera?

  • Chrome extensions support
  • fancier UI

Simple stuff I would like to see added or changed:

-an option to Have the download status bar auto clear/disappear after downloads complete

-an option to start up in incognito mode instead of having to launch another window

-an option to open new tabs/bookmarks in the foreground / to the far right of other tabs

-an option to choose your own static thumbnails for the “speed dial”

-store “speed dial” thumbnails /info seperate so I dont loose my settings everytime I clear my cache/history

A proper portable version which will save profile date in portable dragon folder.

I would like to request a Spelling checker that can suggest the correct word and let you replace the misspelled words please.

You already got that feature, use right-click on your words.