Comodo Dragon Beta Version 55.0.2883.56 (h.264/MP3,AAC/Widevies support)

Hi All,

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of Comodo Dragon Beta Version 55.0.2883.56. This beta version of Comodo Dragon 55.0.2883.56 can be downloaded from:

This version is for beta testing and isn’t intended for mass distribution and is just a preview which should not be run on production systems.

Release notes for this version:

New features

  • Added initial support for extra Audio/Video codecs e.g. AAC,MP3/H.264. Improved quality and performance to follow. (
  • Improved HTTPS details over Chromium, more to follow in GA release.
  • Improvements to MediaDownloader.
  • Addition of the Widevines DRM Plug-in which means support for such sites are Amazon Video and Netflix.
  • Native Client.

Features removed from Dragon 55:

  • Price Suggester

Features not yet added to this beta:

  • Import from Chrome
  • Virtual mode (no CIS integration)

The GA version should be available towards the end of next week with x32 and x64 bit versions available.

Our current plan is to skip Dragon 56 and move to Dragon 57 aiming for a release of Dragon 57 release around the 3rd week in March, shortly after Chromium 57.

All feedback in welcomed.


The Comodo Browser Team.

Great :-TU I hope, Comodo will do what he claims :-TU
These are promising and +1 for removing price suggestor like extensions. I remember some guys here who support it.
There is no place for such extensions in security oriented browser.

Go Dragon, let’s see your run!

Yes, this is welcome news :-TU

Come next week, the Dragon will be flying once again and Chrome banished from the Kingdom (I mean computer).

Interested to hear more info about “Improved HTTPS details over Chromium” and “Native Client” ???

Also, good news about the removal of “Price Suggester”. Should never have been included with Dragon and hopefully, Dragon will now be kept up to date with it’s Chromium brother. All hail the Dragon ;D


Edit: One last thing, would be nice to see a few visuals (i.e return of the Dragon eye orb) to make Dragon stand out from a Chromium build.

Please remove Comodo’s default theme in Dragon.
New material design is great! Switch Dragon to incognito mode and you will see that your default theme ■■■■■■■ up!
Try to improve it or give su option to remove it from interface with an option.

Finally, in this beta Twitter videos play :-TU

What kind of licences Comodo have now?
You told more here about it, where does Comodo make this money now?

#4 Can you please give us an option here chrome://settings/content to block location setting completely?

#5 and please look at these wishes! Thanks
Ad Blocker enabled by default?

Integrate “HTTPS Everywhere” extension to Dragon

Unbelievable… a new Dragon ‘release’…

A new stable ‘release’ of Dragon is really needed. What happened with all the new ppl that was was hired to improve the release scheme of Dragon etc.

Very welcome news! Thank you :-TU

This beta does not update Dragon. Dragon is NOT running on this system at the time of manual update.
We have had this issue before. It should not exist any further !!!
Really bad form on this one

Hi John,

I’ve personally tried testing and updating over version 52 from our website on a Windows 10 x64 system, all worked perfectly.

Are you updating over 52? Which OS are you using, x32/x64? Any other info you can give to help diagnose the issue.

Feel free to PM the details if you’d prefer.


This version of the browser has been improved vastly. We’ve added audio/video codec support. Our goal is to keep up with Chromium releases with our next target Dragon 57 shortly and the the Chromium 57 release.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:



We’ll add a ticket to give an option for those who want to switch to a plain theme.

The team has worked hard to improve the browser.

The post you linked to says what we did :slight_smile:

Ok, We’ll add a ticket for that too

We’ll review the AdBlocking issue. It’s complicated and can get political :slight_smile: AdBlocking can be seen as good for security but at the same time there is an argument that it’s destructive to keeping website content free.

Thnx for the reply Shane :slight_smile:

Will support for h265 also be added or?

Having a weird issue with one site that I never had a problem with.

Godaddy webmail, Once I log in the page starts to become unresponsive. When I try to select mail to delete it delays bad. Although if I leave the tab open for 2 minutes the site works perfectly fine. if I minimize the tab and reopen it the tab begins to freeze again.

Only site I have ran into a problem with and really cant figure the cause

Forget HEVC/H.265. The next step is AV1.

Thanks for the report.

We’ve had a report that of another site loading slow. We’re looking into this.

Hi Draco86,

Are you using Comodo DNS, if so, is it on the system or in the browser?

Yes I am, it is only browser


Please complete the translations for Dragon. I am using Turkish and there are some untranslated strings.
Maybe you can look into it too…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am using Windows 10, x64. And yes, trying to update over 52.
I attached a screenshot in my post above of what I am getting every time I have tried to install/update.

having another website problem. I find old books and articles on Normally I dont have a problem. I find the book hit download and nothing happened. I allowed pop ups for the site and still nothing. I tried in ie and worked fine. I know this works with the current release of Comodo

will the new version of Dragon install automatically?