Comodo Dragon and Flash Player

I noticed a couple versions back that when I first installed Comodo Dragon after having to re-format my PC, that when it installed and I went to watch a youtube video, the comodo Dragon DID NOT have flash player installed, so I went to check my plugins, and lo and behold, there was no built in flash player in the plugins, so I downloaded it from Adobe. BUT, I found it weird that there was no built in flash, when even chromius for Linux has the built in flash player, did Comodo remove it for whatever reason? or is this some sort of weird bug? even after a few updates now, and un-installing CD, and downloading a fresh installer there is still no built in flash player, even if I import everything from google chrome it still isn’t there, so would appreciate it if you could let me know if the built in flash for chromium browsers was removed from CD, so I don’t have to worry.


Comodo Dragon comes without the Flash Player. To use it, you must download and install it from Adobe’s site.

Thank you for your support!

I have tried to several times now and each time when i try the site won’t load. I’ve tried through other browsers with no problem. I have flashplayer installed but it still says i need to install or i need some plug-in which doesn’t seem to work either. ???

Ditto to what Ravenangel said. When I click on update plugin, the Adobe page stalls. I have gone directly to and clicked on the update but it still stalls.

True, until that is fixed, got to use IE to download the installer for flash.

I had the same problem but with Firefox. I found out that my fresh install of Windows was corrupt and reinstalled Windows and after that, Adobe installed correctly on all my browsers. Sometimes, a fresh Windows install can be corrupt due to any number of factors. I had the same happen on other systems and other OS’s like Mac and Linux. Its just a part of life. :slight_smile:

I just installed Comodo Dragon through CIS. It works fine until it needs Flash plugin.
Everytime I tried to install the flash it works on the first download but then after I open the flash file for the real install, it failed. It looks like the sandbox denied the installation access.

My Comodo version is

Any help is appreciated to install the flash plugin in this Comodo version. Thanks.

Hi and welcome Papirus,
Download and run the flash uninstaller with all browsers closed.
Also download the full flash installer from the link below and run that while all browsers are closed.
Note: The link below is a direct download of 15.6MB.
Flash full installer plug-in 15.6MB
Kind regards.

Use PepperFlash (the Crome’s default flash, more secure than Adobe’s NPAPI).;msg651361#msg651361

Can you even install the pepper Flash in Dragon? Dragon is not based on Chrome but on Chromium which does not use the built in pepper Flash but rather needs the same plugin that is used in Firefox.


And Chrome is based on Chromium, plus:

  • Integrated Flash Player (note by me: PepperFlash. It works fine on Dragon also, like I already said)
  • Built-in PDF viewer (note by me: take the Chrome’s pdf.dll e put it in dragon folder)
  • Built-in print preview and print system
  • The Google name and a different logo
  • An auto-update system called GoogleUpdate
  • An opt-in option for users to send Google their usage statistics and crash reports
  • RLZ tracking when Chrome is downloaded as part of marketing promotions and distribution partnerships. This transmits information in encoded form to Google, e.g., when and from where Chrome has been downloaded. In June 2010, Google confirmed that the RLZ tracking token is not present in versions of Chrome downloaded from the Google website directly or in any version of Chromium. The RLZ source code was also made open source at the same time so that developers can confirm what it is and how it works.

No, Dragon/Chromium/Iron/etc don’t need at all any obsolet and less secure Adobe’s Npapi flash.

From wiki:

On August 12, 2009, a page on Google Code introduced a new project, Pepper with the associated Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI),[6] “a set of modifications to NPAPI to make plugins more portable and more secure”.[7] This extension is designed specifically to ease the implementation of out-of-process plugin execution. Further, the goals of the project are to provide a framework for making plugins fully cross-platform. Topics considered include:

  • Uniform semantics for NPAPI across browsers.
  • Execution in a separate process from the renderer/browser itself.
  • Standardize rendering using the browser’s compositing process.
  • Defining standardized events, and 2D rasterization functions.
  • Initial attempt at providing 3D graphics access.
  • Plugin registry.

Read more:

Browser support

The following web browsers support PPAPI plugins:

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium Google’s open source browser was the development web browser that first utilized the new browser plug-in model.[8]

Mozilla has announced that it is “not interested in or working on Pepper at this time.”[9]
In February 2012, Adobe Systems announced that future GNU/Linux versions of Flash Player would only be provided via PPAPI, although the previous release, Flash Player 11.2, with NPAPI support, would receive security updates for five years.[10]

Yes but I see it’s complicated to get pepper working in Dragon and every update would have to be manually applied. It’s far easier to just use the regular Flash plugin. As for PDF, you can just install PDF-Xchange which is free, as full featured as Acrobat but lighter, and plugs into Dragon perfectly, Again easier than manually importing from another browser.