Comodo dragon about:flags error windows 8

The specific synthom are when I try to changue some seetings for example activate spdy 3 on comodo dragon in the “about:flags” or “dragon://flags/” i can changue this configuration but when i reestar the browser appear a strange error mensaje who says “Windows can not find the file C:/Program files/Comodo/Dragon/delegate_execute.exe”. It happens if i try to changue every seeting on this screen.

The OS are windows 8 pro 32 bits all updated. The dragon version are but i see this error in past versions on windows 8 machines. I dont have themes and have traffic ligth plug in but whithout plug ins the error persist installing or reinstalling dragon error persist UAC Status are by default on third level but the error persist whithout UAC. I have comodo dragon installed here C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon its not portable version its default installation. Finally I have Chrome version 26.0.1410.64 m and the error dont present. that error dont appear on chrome never. I see dragon are too much quick but i dont use it because i want to enable some options of my graphic card.

The first screen shot i atach are the section about flags where i can changue seetings (I dont know how to post here because that i atach

The second screen shot are affter changue any seeting in this chase I enable spdy 3 but it happens whith other seetings of about:flags

I see that error on past versions of comodo dragon affter the launch of windows 8 and only on windows 8

I know i have administrative privileges on my account. I report it to dragon suport e mail but dont recive answer

I hope it help to development and compatibility

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