Comodo Dragon 33 vs Opera 20 vs Firefox 29

Comodo Dragon 33 (WebKit based) vs Opera 20 (Blink based)

CD is a tad slower, but offers so, so much more - More Security, Privacy & Extensions!

I’m big time Opera 12.16 fan, but since it’s demise less & less sites supports it.

Firefox 29 is my browser of choice due to better web dev extensions & customizations.
The Web Developer Toolbar is so much better in FF than CD33/O20 it’s unreal. I use it as a toolbar & NOT a button.

Keep up the good work folks!

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Blink, since v. 28. :wink:

Copy/paste dragon://version into the address bar an enter.

That’s right, Captain. There one can see that the Blink-version is 537.36 ([at-bypass]167220). :slight_smile:

Forgot to add when I was a XP user about 2 1/2 months ago Ice Dragon seemed to be a little Faster than Firefox even after all the add-ons installed. But there was menus bug w/ The Web Developer Toolbar. A bummer; I have not had the time to test it w/ W7Pro x64.

I loved Opera right up to version 12. when it turned into just another chrome clone i jumped to Firefox / Comodo Dragon.

:-TU +1


yes, Firefox is a great browser because of the extensions we can install on it, it’s the best on that, far.

But what is sure is that Dragon without any extension gives protection that is far away beyond other browsers.
and It’s the first thing I look at to make the choice for my default bowser.
I tested Dragon on website linking all websites compromised with lot of different exploits, I tried like one hundred of URL iinfected, (that’s a bit long but sometimes when I’m starting on something, I can stay on it for hours).
I had red alerts about those websites and advice to not loading them,
So I continued and loaded all those websites. not an exploit was able to compromised the browser.
The only thing I noticed is that I could download some file on the machine, but even by downloading those files that were infected,
nothing happened, except if you decide to launch them on your system (what is totaly stupid).
So i trust Dragon for browsing the internet, and internet is the first place to get infected if you surf on some bad places that are not detected as dangerous.

Hi ailef,

Thanks for the test report. :slight_smile: To be fair, you could replace Dragon with Opera (or actually any Chromium-browser) in the report, since the result would be the same. It’s Chromium’s sandbox we have to thank for the protection. 8)

hello Jowa,

I tried Chrome, Safari and Opera.

But you know the problem with Chrome and google way of thinking about their privacy users.
With Safari, It’s the same thing as Chrome but with Apple this time.
And with opera I had websites issues to use functions on webpages like buttons unclickable, so i gave up.
And we have Dragon that is probably the best chromium based browser for privacy reason and I’m not sure that the last chrome has exactly all the same options you have on Dragon like clear at exit which is essential for me.

but I’m not happy with the all the RAM and virtual memory that eats the browser, after a long use, it’s better to close it as it’s lagging as hell.
when I’m fed up with this issue, I use Firefox that doesnt lag like that even if I load lot of tabs.

update : and guess what, it happened as i was trying to finish to write my message to post it ! almost impossible to type anymore, I clicked on the red cross to end it and it took ages to close…
I don’t know where it comes from, probably bad coding with ressources usage…
I closed it and now it works just fine again…
that’s really a bad point for this browser.

Was that with Presto-Opera (up to and including v. 12.1x) or Chromium-Opera (v. 15+)?

I think it was not the one based on chromium.
I just checked the new version 21, it was not like that.

I’m looking at this opera 21, I don’t even find the setting to add the button open the home page…

I’ll stay with Dragon, it’s a better choice for the way I set and use a browser.

The button is there. :wink:

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lol, i was trying to clic on it as i was on the speed dial page, so it didnt do a lot of things (nothing in fact).

Another Opera 12.x refugee here.

I tried to give the new blink based Opera a serious go, I really did. Got fed up after it became obvious they had no plans to allow users to choose their own search engines (such as DuckDuckGo) as the default, instead of the ‘approved’ CSW (Corporate Surveillance ■■■■■) search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. etc.

I only recently discovered all of the killer free Comodo products and have made Dragon my main browser on Windoze systems.

I despise Google the company and consequently have avoided Chrome like the plague. My only reservation with Comodo Dragon is that a Chromium based browser could potentially expose a person to hidden software backdoors slipped in by evil people working at Google.

One could argue that because it is open source a backdoor is likely to be found.

I’ve been using CD for a long time but with rise of online tracking and privacy concerns i dump it because it couldn’t satisfy my need for privacy.
Both CD and CID always left some browsing tracks (therefore tracking could appear). Also CID showed to be slow and laggy vs standard FF.
Long story short after long research i’m back on FF, + with a few tweaks in about:config it far more secure then CID or any other browser, and your receive instant update of it.

Cloud gaming service now available in Germany Is great to test browser security
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Updated: Tested Opera 23, Comodo Dragon 33.1 still wins the google-Wars, but Firefox 31 is still my pick of the bunch due to features, flexibility & security.

On the bright side Opera does support the new .no {css} extension - which turns off CSS - useful for Web Dev & a newbie nightmare for web support ;}

I used the native one built into The Old Opera for years 8)

Have you tried iron browser?

Main disadvantage for Iron is no way to install extensions from the chrome web store. This is a big reason why I continue using Comodo Dragon (and why I do not use Iron).