Comodo Dragon 28 Windows 8.1

This applies to Comodo Internet Security 6.3 Firewall, Chrome, any version and any 32-bit FireFox including IceDragon.

I am connected to the internet, NONE of the above browsers will load web pages and Comodo Internet Security 6.3 tells me there is no internet connection, yet I am connected.

I am assuming Microsoft has changed the way the TCP/IP protocol communicates with the software, as 90% of all my software does NOT work, can’t detect internet connection.

Either that or the programmers are using the wrong comm ports, etc…

Only 64-bit versions of Firefox work, Cyberfox, which I’m using now, Waterfox, Pale Moon and the 64-bit Opera browsers work, I haven’t tried any 32-bit versions of Opera.

I would appreciate any fix being made, maybe you need to talk to the 64-bit Mozilla build developers and ask how they are detecting internet connection.