comodo dragon 25.0 2

I Just Tried Your New Update Dragon 25.0 2 But It crashes I Uninstall My comodo dragon 24.0 2 And Install Dragon 25.0 2 But at the first Time it started an icon flashed and kept flashing telling me it had remove some of my extensions so i clicked ok but it didn’t work it kept flashing and i coundn’t even stop it and even then i coundn’use the browser it jamed dragon solid And When are you going to bring back comodo privalert.
So I had To Unistall dragon 25.0 2 and install A previous version like 24.0 2 or 23.2.
This You did wrong You broke dragon.


Can you try to reproduce the issue and post all the details listed in this thread?

You can try to reproduce the issue using Comodo Dragon portable so your normal installation is not affected.
Add some screenshots with the icon you mentioned if possible.

Thank you.