Comodo Dragon 17.5 Crashing when downloading?.

Since updating to v17.5 Dragon yesterday crashes every time I download a file. This only happens on my XP OS PC, my Win7 PC has no problems with downloads via Dragon. I had to upgrade the version of Calibre on my wife’s XP PC to the latest version, the file downloads ok but as soon as it finishes I get the oops Dragon has crashed message. On reboot I get the same thing. I thought it was the Calibre update at first but went to File Hippo and downloaded a couple of items and got the same response in Dragon each time. In my Downloads folder I get the blank files (ie, no graphic/icon) but named as “Unconfirmed Download”. I tried the same procedure with Firefox and the files download ok there, so I think the problem is with Dragon rather than a Firewall setting etc. Anyone got any ideas for a solution?.

Try cleaning cache and cookies and see if that helps. Then disable all extensions you have installed and try again.

When that does not help try a portable installation of Dragon in a separate folder to see if the probem happens there too. If the problem does not show up it is best to do a clean install of Dragon.