Comodo Dome iPhone Network Slow

I setup comodo dome for my home network and it works fine there, because as you know it only changes the DNS query but I then set it up on my iphone to use it for security on that device and because it runs as a VPN it has really slowed my connection on LTE really badly.

LTE with Dome turned on 151ms ping, 0.5 Mbps down and 1.73 Mbps up.

LTE with Dome turned off 38ms ping, 11.19 Mbps down and 4.17 Mbps up

Something needs to be done to address this major hit in performance that it causes.

Even when I am on wifi it takes my 60Mbps down speed to 40 Mbps. So it has less of an effect but still something.

I would like to add my other family members devices to Dome but I will not until something is done about the slow speed. Thanks.