Comodo doesn't seem to allow Quickbooks Pro 2013

I am experiencing difficulties with Quickbooks and Comodo.
Here is the situation:
I have set up a homegroup between two computers, one windows 7 and one windows 8 computer. I have installed Quickbooks on both computers and switched on Multi-User mode which should allow me to open the same company file on both computers.

Windows 8 is the admin computer for the company file which is stored on this computer.
Windows 7 uses the user-login to open up the same company file.

But here is the problem: If I have Quickbooks with the company file opened on windows 8, the windows 7 does not let me open the company file. Quickbooks File Doctor (one of their tools to tell you what’s wrong) says Comodo might be blocking this.

Is that possible, and if so, how can I allow Quickbooks through Comodo?

Have you tried disabling all of CIS components by setting AV,HIPS,Auto-Sandbox,Firewall, and Viruscope to disabled and then trying to open the file in question?

I am having a similar issue with quickbooks premier 2019
disabling antivirus does allow for the multiuser mode to work normally
I have added a list of exclusions to try and allow quickbooks through the AV but no success.
The QB data file is stored on the local server and shared to each computer on the network.

any help is appriciated

First check if enable real-time scanning of files on network is disabled, then add the file to scan exclusions > excluded paths, and if still unsuccessful then add quickbooks to scan exclusoins > excluded applications which is next to excluded paths. Use resource monitor disk tab to check if cavwp process is still scanning the file when you try to open it.