Comodo does not update the task schedule date


My Comodo is not updating the task schedule date. See attached image

Comodo Version


Hello Picandalo,

Thank you for reporting.Let me check this issue and update you.
Have a nice day!

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Hello Picandalo,

As I cross checked with my environment but such issues are not found. So could you please share me the exact steps to re-produce like what you did and what happened?

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Hi Darshu,

This task I created several months ago. She always updated the execution dates. So, besides creating it a long time ago, I didn’t do anything different about them.

Note that this is happening with the personalized task. Was your test with a custom task too?

Note: I didn’t test the standard tasks, only the custom one I created months ago, ok?


The scan in Task Manager is set to be run at 2:00 am. Is your computer running at that time or is it switched off? If your computer is switched on can you confirm with the Tasks Logs of CIS that the scan has run?

I could not reproduce this. I made a scheduled custom scan and after it ran Task Scheduler showed it had run.

I am running CIS 7036 RC build on Windows 10 x64 1809 (17763.1158).

Hi EricJH

Yes my computer is on at 2:00 am and when I open the task manager, it is running.

My CIS is version (64 bit) and Windows 10 x64 1903 (18362.778)


Hi, EricJH

I did a procedure BEFORE the scan started: I entered the windows task manager and disable and enabled my custom task again. It seems that this solved the problem, as the scan date in Comodo was updated correctly. See attached image.