COMODO does not start when Win XP starts?

Hi, anybody help? When Win XP starts - Comodo firewall does not?
Can anybody advise me ( I have tried adding to startup menu).

Thank you


Can you please tell me what version of CFP you’re using so I can move it to the correct forum?


This has happened to me, and if it’s the same thing, then CFP actually is starting, but the icon isn’t showing in the task manager.

I’ve noticed that upon startup, CFP is running right from the beginning, but the icon only appears in the task manager very late. And on one occasion, the icon didn’t appear at all, and because of that, I could not bring up CFP. Suffice to say, because task manager can’t kill it, I had to use IceSword to kill both processes and then restart it.

In the scheme of things, my startup order looks like this:

rdpclipRDP Clip Monitor	Microsoft Corporation	c:\windows\system32\rdpclip.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exeUserinit Logon Application	Microsoft Corporation	c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe	
explorer.exeWindows Explorer	Microsoft Corporation	c:\windows\explorer.exe	
Acronis Scheduler2 ServiceAcronis Scheduler Helper	Acronis	c:\program files\common files\seagate\schedule2\schedhlp.exe	
AcronisTimounterMonitorMonitor for Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer	Acronis	c:\program files\seagate\discwizard\timountermonitor.exe	
Adobe Reader Speed LauncherAdobe Acrobat SpeedLauncher	Adobe Systems Incorporated	c:\program files\adobe\reader 8.0\reader\reader_sl.exe	
ATICCC		c:\program files\ati technologies\ati.ace\clistart.exe	
AVG7_CCAVG Control Center	GRISOFT, s.r.o.	c:\program files\grisoft\avg7\avgcc.exe	
COMODO Firewall ProCOMODO Firewall Pro	COMODO	c:\program files\comodo\firewall\cfp.exe	

And then a bunch of other programs run. I’m assuming cfp is what starts cmdagent.exe

Version is, and Comodo still crashes when you select any (as far as I can tell) of the “What do these settings do?” links.

Hi, I am using v 2.4, which I prefer to the newer version.
When I do a leak test with v2.4 I get a chance to ‘deny’, when I used newer version the leak tester was able to penetrate the firewall because I was given the chance to ‘accept’ or ‘deny’.


Ok, take a look at these:

Firewall Doesn’t Automatically Start Up,2728.0.html,6515.0.html,9894.0.html


Many thanks, I created a shortcut for exe file and added to ‘Start menu’.
Works ok now - Excellent forum - thanks.

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

I see the Name “COMODO Firewall Pro” and the data value is set to run “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cfp.exe” -s

Is the “-s” the same thing as “-background?”

i just downloaded Comodo Firewall Pro and mine starts up automaticly has there been a update or something when this thread was posted?

I think the problem is, at least in my case, is that it does start up, but it does not show an icon. So, while it is running in the background, you cannot actually bring it up.