comodo dns

comodo dns is an excellent tool to prevent dns based attacks but it can be made more useful by making it actively block malware sites it can in addition may be linked to comodo antivirus to prevent outgoing requests to spyware and ad ware servers
that will be a great job i think

Great idea :-TU

Cons: If a site is flagged as having malware content in it and the site’s owner removes the malware, Comodo’s DNS users will have to wait until comodo checks if the malware still present, this may take along time!
Personally I think the best way to block malware sites is to use a trustworthy AV client, that allows you to decide wether or not to view a site that is flagged for having malware content.

i believe filtering malware at dns level itself will greatly enhance security as looking otherwise insread of removing malware the site owner may also use new exploits to deceive antivirus and pose a bigger threat and personally i believe sites hosting malware must be blocked let them prove ther goodness