Comodo DNS

Well… That new update forced me to uninstall and reinstall Comodo. Today while installing i countered this new comodo tool called “DNS servers”. I thought that well its another great feature in CIS and installed it right away with “HopSurf”. Everything is now fine and hopsurf is there but hidden cause i dont need it actually.

After doing some research about these softwares i noticed that almost in every site where people were talking about Comodo DNS and hopsurf, the impression was very negative towards them. Why?
People were saying that “dont use them!” etc. Is there any knows issues and bugs in DNS and hopsurf, and will they violate my security and privacy, EVEN by mistake? Will my online bank ID etc be in danger when using Comodo DNS?? :P0l

I have read about DNS from Comodo homepage but these comments in different discussion boards are starting to worry me. Why would Comodo compromise my privacy and security with uneffective and leaking softwares?

PS: If i want to, how can I turn Comodo DNS servers and HS off?


Comodo DNS is just some rented DNS server from UltraDNS, nothing special. If you checked “comodo” DNS during the setup, the settings have been changed in Windows (ie not in the router). Just right click your adapter (ethernet or wifi depending on what you use), in properties see the IPV4 line, see its properties, and check DHCP for DNS, this will clear the custom DNS and bring you back on your ISP’s DNS.

ps: DNS server is just the server in charge of translating your internet requests (HTTP://…) into internet numbers (IP addresses), no big deal and no malware there, and as far as I know, UltraDNS is safe.

To turn it off see here:;msg318497#msg318497

It would be very useful to have a script to toggle to DNSs by single mouse clicking… Sometimes I have to switch IPS`s DNSs (when WAN is blocked)

You are given the choice when installing of whether or not you want to install both of these. While I’ve never installed Hopsurf, I believe it can be uninstalled using the standard Windows Add/Remove programs, or an application like Revo Uninstaller.

As for the DNS service, as already stated, Comodo is licensing this from UltraDNS. I’ve only tried it only briefly as it isn’t any faster than OpenDNS which is what I use currently. (Not to mention that OpenDNS is user configurable) As far as privacy is concerned, yep, your DNS provider will have record of every lookup made, whether it is handled by your ISP or a third party DNS provider. If you are worried about this, I suggest using a proxy or not using the internet. Everything you do on the internet is recorded somewhere.

Yep Everything! And even your telephone calls whether they be made from your land lines or your cell phones, everything is being recorded and monitored! :slight_smile:

What??! NO only you Rogerg2’s ;D
You probably live in an paranoid authoritarian state. :smiley:
There’s simply not enough resources to comb through all that information if everything was monitored. Same with phone tapping.

However whatever you posted online be it documents, pictures or forum posts and free email you must assume they belong to the public i.e not a secret to you even if you deleted them.
Same thing with what you searched online those keywords are recorded for sure by the search engine probably with your ip too. :slight_smile:

I don’t think Hopsurf is any more dangerous than the Google,MSN,or Yahoo toolbars so many use. The Comodo DNS is every bit as secure as any other you could use and certainly more secure than a lot of default ones.

It just goes to show that you know absolutely nothing about anything. Just for one example on what I was saying previously “Echelon”. Tnd that was what they used a decade or so ago and they have gotten a lot more sophisticated technology today to put that system out of date.