Comodo DNS: Unreliable

Why is it when Comodo DNS goes down, it TANKS like the Titanic?
Why is there no working backup servers to use? Even when the backup DNS server address is in use!
This DNS service is driving me NUTS!! Back on my ISP DNS server for a while now… I can’t rely or recommend Comodo DNS anymore. Not until the servers become more reliable and redundant.

How is it that this service is so unreliable with so many random outages?
My entire network goes down leading me to think it’s my internet connection. It’s not… it’s ALWAYS this ■■■■ Comodo DNS service which is now becomming a joke more than a service.
It’s frustrating so I apologize as I have recomended users to use this service along with family. Then the calls come in as to why Comodo DNS keeps going down.

I’ll stay with my ISP’s DNS servers unless someone can look into why these servers go down so much.

Comodo should provide more backup servers or make the existing servers more reliable.