Comodo DNS now blocking Malware Websites!

The DNS servers are now blocking websites! ;D

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Very good for Comodo, ;D now offer a stronger protection. :-TU

This is why its important to report any malicious site to Comodo rather than just to write a blog about it and not report it :wink:


Thank you Comodo and Melih.

I wish there would be an option to go to the site anyway…(besides having to contact them). What if there is a site I really want to see? Do I have to change the DNS server to another before going to it?

IMO Bad idea!!!

Yes, if Comodo wants people to really use their DNS concept, they need to add user controls like OpenDNS.

yes thats very nice to see comodo DNS block malware website, i also seen it for myself.
Well done comodo.

Good feature :smiley:
But, Can it block a malware that used Drive-by downloader ?

But for that you have CIS anyway :wink: (secure DNS is part of the CIS…so that means you have CIS in your machine which stops Buffer Overflow attacks (Drive-by is mainly done using BO). No single security function can prevent ALL threats. Just like saying take the same drug for any problem you may have. Each illness has a specific drug/medicine associated with it.


Just because you have CIS does not mean you have BO protection as if you do not have the AV set to on access or stateful you don’t have BO protection. (I may not be right on that.)

BO Buffer Overflow is part of Defence+
BOClean is part of the AV


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Oppppppps yeah I was talking about CBOclean and not BO protection opppps comodo has to many products with BO in the title. :smiley:

The BO thing can be confusing…:smiley:


Looks like it’s a false positive. :stuck_out_tongue: