Comodo DNS Malware Alert

DNS installed: /

When i receive a malware alert i cant go to that url. it doesnt show any “go to” button.

For example, see attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Anybody can answer me?


if you think it’s false-positive you can submit it here:

In meantime, you can follow these:

  • change your DNS settings to other provider/obtain them automatically,
  • use proxy,

What I would recommend is to update your primary DNS address to the Comodo’s newest one which can be found here: Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022 b[/b]. It’s a new version which allows you to skip the alert and proceed to the blocked websites (honestly, I have not found this working for me).

I dont think thats it is a false positive and doesnt bypass alert when i try to visit the site.

BTW This website is down.

The site is down today. I haven been using that site to test malware alerts and alert bypass. :slight_smile:

It works ok already. Thanks.

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