I love that Comodo give also DNS protection BUT today again many website are not loading Google,, etc.
Sometime page are not reachable and sometime are. Now I removed Comodo DNS and all is working fine and fast.

Seems I cannot trust Comodo DNS because can be down and block website loading.
Can interrupt navigation experience… DNS of Comodo should be not down if is… maybe is better use Google DNS that is more difficult that come down.

I spent my time today for report to you that: Comodo DNS sometimes are not working well as today for me.

My experience with Comodo DNS is that every time I choose to use that I will have to remove Comodo DNS in just a month.
Sometimes some website are blocked and you cannot visit it until you not request here whitelist … is the case where a certificate error is showed.

This is a problem but can be resolved in the future by alowing the user to visit website.

The DNS down is the biggest problem because if DNS are not working Internet is not working so you really need to remove DNS as for me today and once you removed is difficoult you come back in Internet settings to place manually again.