Comodo DNS blocking safe sites?

Hi guise, just a few minutes ago I experienced blocking from Comodo DNS of the following sites I’m on:
1: [social, proxy, viruses] with only “Go back to safety recommended”
2: [social]
3: [social, proxy, viruses]
4: [adult]
So, what’s up? I didn’t see any controls do ignore the warning but F5 once did the trick :-TU
Using Mozilla Firefox…

EDIT: same with Dragon, only this time F5 is not bypassing it…

Might as well give details:
OS: Windows 7 32bit Ultimate fully updated
Security Realtime: CIS 5.5, MBAM 1.51, Sandboxie [Forced browsers], Comodo DNS

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is that the SecureDNS 2 or SecureDNS 1?

It’s for both OLD and NEW alternate IP for Comodo DNS servers in TCP/IP 4 on Local Area Network, I go thru router
EDIT: I use comodo dns [CIS changes that in setup] and I updated to latest according to instructions here

EDIT: Just saw BETA dns thing ;D I can’t keep up with you guys :-TU
Just signed up, thnx!

Just checked again, tried rlslog and Mozilla is OK and Dragon blocks the page like in screenshot #2

And now Youtube because:

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You have to admit, on youtube you can find all that stuff.

HACKING is an ART performed on OPERATING SYSTEMS and shown via MULTIMEDIA like youbute >:-D
On a more serious note, considering switch on OpenDNS or NortonDNS… :-X

Remember, this is still in BETA, and what you are testing is “content filtering” and works as expected.

Very well so should I leave it as it is?


There seems to be some confusion, not just you, several users.
Content Filtering VS. Basic Known Malicious Site Blocking.

If you enable the content filtering in Norton or any other you will get the same type of Youtube etc. blocking.

If you don’t want that content blocked uncheck the relevant settings in the control panel.
You will still have the basic Known Malicious Domain blocking.


That fixed for me, many thnx Bad Frogger :-TU :wink:

i have norton dns installed and set to block adult(■■■■■■■■■■■) and i can still watch youtube.i had this option in comodo dns adult only and youtube is blocked.

I never asserted that each category has the same sensitivity for the various Content Filtering services.

So with Norton’s service you can block Adult category and go on YouTube and look at adult material?
Not a shining endorsement, if that’s the case.

Non of this removes the need to be able to ignore the blocking case by case, and to be able to white list sites
to ones own tastes.


i get what your saying thats why i said some posts back that an exclusion option is a must if not gonna have a hard time getting people to use the content filter outside of this forum,everybody and there mother is on youtube and other social sites nowadays.

That’s too much!!!

With the new secure DNS, i can no more read the comments to articles in newpapers!

To be noted : domain filtering is not activated.

I have no choice, but revert to my ISP server. What a pity.

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Try mozilla firefox or IE, see what happens?

Follow up to my previous post.

By" domain filtering is not activated", I meant that i didn’t create an account in Comodo DNS beta, hence didn’t add my network and set the categories of domains I didn’t wish to have in my network. So I don’t use the new content filters.

But, I had checked domain filtering in Dragon thinking it was just the usual function of Secure DNS (which is enable at my PC level trough TVP/IP by the way). Unchecking it didn’t make a difference, I couldn’t access the comments in the newspaper.

Now after unchecking domain filtering and relaunching Dragon, I can access the comments newspaper.

So it seems that domain filtering in Dragon is some sort of content filtering by default as the user can’t choose the contents to be filtered.

content filtering is in beta, so we are having few bugs with it…please bear with us, there is so much security that will be provided once this is all done, its worth it. All for free to end users! Parents will be able to protect their kids, schools will make sure malware can’t come in and many many more… pls help us during this Content Filtering beta stage (only content filtering is beta, everything else works in SecureDNS v2).

Thank you for your help guys! Imagine how many people you will help protect with your generous contribution of your feedback!

thank you


Thank you Melih for your answer. I’m sorry if my first post sounded negative, it was not intended. In fact I was disappointed, that the new DNS server was preventing me to read what I’m used to. But as I explained in my 2d post, disabling the domain filtering in Dragon revert the behavior of secure DNS to its usual one.

I’m surely not one to criticize Comodo products. I’m too grateful that they exist and thankful that they are for free. I’ve tested several security suites from competitors and never ended their trial period, they didn’t reach the heel of CFW and Defense+.

Hi all!

Is there any possibility, option, web-interface or so, where users may to submit false positives/obsolete positives/suspicious domains etc.? Especially in the case of “classic” Secure DNS.

Thanks in advance.

That would be nice! Currently there is this forum thread. Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here