COMODO DiskShield Version - BETA Released [CLOSED]

This is to inform you all that we are making 2nd BETA of COMODO DiskShield product live today.

Following are setups details:

Setup for Windows XP 32-bit and Windows Vista 32-bit

Size: 2.01 MB (2,116,096 bytes)
MD5: 2dab0035d02775314780a8c3b8f6c198
SHA1: 7c430991257bc401678b7bffc58d751de8b75ed4

Setup for Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit

Size: 2.41 MB (2,536,448 bytes)
MD5: 1941e5e2752cab1fea9dd2e537f0785f
SHA1: cb52fc3908ab4062db4a8e98c6dfc079d5fc28fb

Following are changes:

  • ADDED: Protection against RAW disk access
  • ADDED: An application cdsdsbl.exe, which can be used in Windows Safe mode to disable CDS. This is done, in case you are not able to boot due to CDS.
  • IMPROVED : Cache management. Now it automatically uses empty space in disk. User does not have to bother about it.
  • IMPROVED : Crash handling, it would generate crash-dump, which can be sent to us for crash-analysis, if any
  • FIXED : Startup issues in Windows Vista.
  • FIXED: User reported BSODs and crashes.

    BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users(BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Please give it a try and let us know your feedback.


Quick question: how much space does it use? or I should say, what is the recommended size to be allocated?

Around 10MB.

Space on disk - around 4MB
RAM - peaks at around 10 MB on my system
Pseudo disk cache size - dynamically allocated from free space on disk.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Do we know yet how it affects performance? I know the answer is not that easy :wink:

More intresting: what if someone install an app that requires reboot? basically it is notpossible since config will be reset after reboot? you see what I mean?

did some firefox add-on updates and windows updates and all were reset after reboot … nice! :slight_smile:


Although any software layer will introduce some degree of overhead, I haven’t been able to pick up any discernable lag with the latest CDS BETA installed and activated. There’s no drop in framerates in COD4, CS or GP3.

If someone installs an app on to a CDS shielded drive, then it will be gone when they reboot. That’s the whole purpose of it.

If you want an install to “stick”, unshield the drive and reboot, do the install and reboot. At this point, the drive can be shielded, but any writes made by the app while the drive is shielded will vanish on shutdown or reboot.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is there a plan for “dynamic switching enable-disable” without reboot? may not be possible by design?

we have many features planned

From session saving to snapshots to exclusions (so that you can have a folder persisting after a reboot etc) ability to resist multiple restarts (so that you can test applications that require restart), to some other cool stuff.

we will be rolling these out as they are coded.

Has anyone seen a similar s/w to CDS that can enable/disable without requiring a reboot?


can’t wait until the final build! (R)

I think I’ve tested all these kind of apps and non can disable without reboot and the only one that can keep changes on reboot is ShadowUser (Our Data Management Services & Systems | Arcserve) which hasn’t been updated in years and is the most expensive. You’ll have a killer product if you can add all these features! As well as keep changes across reboots (for testing software which installs drivers etc) I would like to see the ability to selectively keep some files before losing them. What would be cooler is a log of what had been installed/changed so you could keep the changes and software which worked and the dump the stuff that didn’t but I can imagine that would be very hard to do?

Pls put this request to the wish list.

We already have implemented the exclusion (eg: ability to keep certain folders to persist). We are working on the rest. Where there is a will, there is a way!


I tried Comodo DiskShield v1.0.1.18 BETA on my WinXPproSP3 computer without any installation issues.
I appreciate the prudent and simple beginning and the sober GUI.

I have two harddisks :

  1. System Partition[C:] = Windows + Applications + Comodo DiskShield, but no data.
  2. Data Partition[D:] = documents, spreadsheets, emails, email-address-book, …
    If shielded, all changes are gone after reboot in both partitions.
    If not shielded, all changes are done after reboot in both partitions.
    It doesn’t require a reboot, when going from “not shielded” to “shielded”, which is one reboot less.

Of course, some problems still need to be solved :

  1. How to keep the good changes in a shielded system partition and shielded data partition.
  2. How to exclude objects.
  3. How to install softwares in a shielded system partition, that require a reboot during the installation in order to finish the installation and still have the possibility to get rid of these softwares without a trace.

Beating the very best ISR-software : FirstDefense-ISR Pro, won’t be that easy.
CDS is lucky that FDISR has been terminated recently and won’t be improved anymore. :slight_smile:

Hi ErikAlbert,
It’s all coming up, keep watching CDS section of forums…


The opening of DiskShield, in the vista, VMware Workstation can not not work, start VMware Workstation will lead to crashes or blue screen.
1.18 version of the more volatile, DiskShield on the hard drive’s icon will be lost.
I am sorry, I am English is not good.

Can you post your minidump/crash file here (Blue screen)?


Fortres Grand’s ‘Clean Slate’ is the only program of this type that I’ve seen that can enable/disable security without requiring a reboot.


we will see how/if we can provide this functionality without sacrificing security.


Was just browsing their website and found something extremely interesting:

“Did you know that Windows Critical and Antivirus Updates run normally with Clean Slate security active?”

I’m closing this topic as CDS 1.0.51539.35 BETA has been released.