COMODO DiskShield BETA Bug Reports [CLOSED]

Please post bug reports for COMODO DiskShield BETA here. If a bug from a previous version still occur, just post a link to it.

Please include the following (if possible):

  1. Operating System (and service pack version)
  2. CPU (32-bit or 64-bit)
  3. Real-time security applications
  4. Description about the bug (how it occurs, is it possible to recreate etc.)
  5. If you have encountered a BSoD, please attach the minidump-file together with your bug report


I accidently noticed that the menu bar can be moved to another place.

I added 2 pictures.

Picture 1 represents: menu at normal place
Picture 2 represents: moved menu bar

  1. Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2 EN X64
  2. CPU :64-bit
  3. Real-time security applications: see below
  4. Description about the bug: i moved the menu bar
  5. I didn’t have encountered a BSoD

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I’ve found weird error messages. When starting up it says something like “Cannot create document”.
When changing the settings it gives something about a “timeout returned”. It did it only one time and I can’t recreate it for the moment, it seems to have to do with Comodo Firewall blocking something while asking for confirmation.

In the meantime I’ve created a screenshot for the first problem, since it happens at each restart.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Using a clean install of Vista Ultimate x64 with Service Pack 1, Event Viewer shows this event after every start:
“\SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\cdsflt.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver.”

Is this expected behaviour? I don’t have any security software installed, just Windows. DiskShield does seam to do its job though: after reboot, all changes are lost.

My system specs are:
P4 HT 3 GHz and over 1gb ram available and XP sp3 32bit, HW DEP Optout.
Other apps: Comodo Safesurf, Unlocker assistant, Speedfan, Daemon tools, Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0.25, COMODO Vulnerability Analyzer, Comodo Disk Shield, Logitech Setpoint 4.60.122

I get a Failed to create empty document at startup too.
When this happen DS tray icon is not displayed.

Windows XP SP3, unpatched x32
CIS only

Shield the disk under administrator account and switch user to normal and back to admin you get a msgbox with:

An other comodo diskshield instance is already running ?!

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I installed Microsoft office 2003 and shielded my drive,then installed a service pack. By the logic of this product,after a restart the service pack should be removed but unfortunately that is not happening.

Operating System (and service pack version) -XP SP2
CPU -32-bit Intel P4

A new BETA has been released. This thread is now closed.