Comodo Disk Encryption Wishlist V2

Please post here all your wishes


How about

SSO- single sign on is nice.
Use of Multiple passwords, not that each one has to be entered, but for use in corporate environment so that the admins can get access to the encrypted drives having their own password, while users have another password, support for an Admin usb Key/password that can not be removed after it is set up as such (except by decrypting & uninstalling).

I’m not sure if this is available but I didn’t read it anywhere. The ability to boot other boot loaders, like grub, lilo.
Linux support (for those of us with dual operating systems)

Just a thought.

Realise please possibility to use password built in the loader or key file which is on the encryption partition/disk, what in general to exclude input by the user of the password. Such possibility is in DiskCryptor (, but at it a problem at work with Acronis True Image (Wilders Security Forums? t=231912). Can at you it will turn out to realise such possibility with stable work Acronis True Image. The built in password or a key file on the encryption partition/disk deprives of the user independently to encryption partition/disk and for example to get access to data out of OS with BootCD or to reset the password of the administrator, etc.

Would it be possible to encrypt and password single directories instead of an entire partition?

Three strikes and your out…rather than just one try.

Three tries to login and then you have to reboot rather than just one. I have large fingers and can’t type, ladies! ;D

Recovery boot disc with options to unencrypt that provides USB drivers for the keys and a better UI for inputting the password.

Hello Andrei & CDE team,

How about letting CDE check for a corrupted MBR before encrypting the drive. :slight_smile:



it would be good, if you made CDE portable. I mean when I want to access my encrypted portable external hdd or USB drive on another computer where CDE is not installed.



If the developers have extra time on there hands, how about making it compatible with windows 7.
I tried to install it and even tried it in compatibility mode, but couldn’t find it anywhere ???

Just an idea :slight_smile:

I agree with the idea to make it Windows 7 compatible.

I also think that you should be able to still use the USB flash drive that is used as a key to store files as usual.

You definitely need a crisis recovery disk. One that allows you to boot partitions from a CD or DOS. Especially with the problem I am having at the moment with the mounting of a CDE encrypted partition within Windows XP.

+1. This is a must for any good encryption software. If not a separate portable version, then at least an option to load a miniature decryption and encryption module of CDE from the main app. onto the flash drive.

Please can you add the option for CDE to remember the Virtual File Drive location on the hard drive, etc. so you don’t have to keep browsing for it in CDE each time you open it (this option is available in TrueCrypt, etc.). Also it would be nice if there’s an option for the Virtual File Drive to remain visible in CDE after closing it so you can just open it again by double-clicking on it and it then asks for the password.

Many thanks.

Another suggestion I have is to be able to double-click on the encrypted Virtual file stored in a folder on the hard drive and CDE automatically starts and asks for the password to decrypt it. I’ve tried this already and Windows 7 asks to choose the program to associate the CDE virtual file with and when choosing CDE nothing happens.


This is just a thought and not of a very technical nature. But would it be possible to have a less daunting black screen and a flashing cursor next to password. Perhaps a more friendly user interface, say with the Comodo logo and a dialog box to type in the relevant information. I use it and when I show it to some people I can see a worried look on their faces as if something is wrong.

Otherwise keep up the great work


CDE 2.0 BETA will be released ASAP.
New look and a new logic.
Please wait :slight_smile:


are you talking about implementing a secret shaning scheme with privileges? Interesting.

Good point, Thank you.

You are talking about file associations.
Good enchancement.

But, think about that you do not want to let someone else to know that image file is a COMODO Disk Encryption
virtual disk image file.

This file association functionality should be optional.
Something like : “Enable file associations” as a checkbox. disabled by default.

What do you think?

Yes, “the ‘Enable file associations’ as a checkbox. disabled by default.” is a good idea. Please can you implement it. Thanks.

Also, please can you add the option for CDE to remember the Virtual File Drive location on the hard drive, etc. (maybe a check box “Remember location”) so you don’t have to keep browsing for it in CDE each time you open it (this option is available in TrueCrypt, etc.).

Thank you.

Hidden partitions and OS’s. :-TU

And the wish above mine ^^ i think is very good.